Google introduced  the new interface for masses, called “search”. Simple entry box and simple “command line” like interface is the de-facto for today’s world.  If you need to find something – “google it”.  We are doing “googling” all the time.  That came with the price of million man hours of googlers to fine tune search… Recommender Systems“>Read more »

At SoftFinity we use unit testing to test the code we write.  In my humble opinion that should apply to unit testing for JavaScript code too.  Unit tests are a series of small functions that call the main functions of the original JavaScript code with different inputs and test to see if their outputs are… Unit testing and headless browsers“>Read more »

  The term Data Scientist was initially coined and used in California and New York at the same time in 2010. At that time, Hillary Mason and a group of people wrote a job process list as they were not able to find one anywhere. This list goes as follows: Obtain, scrub, explore, model, and… Jessica Wyma“>Read more »

This week I attempted to compare the differences between Google and Amazon Cloud.  The videos I watched on were way over my head and I made little progress. I resorted to looking up “What is the difference between Amazon Cloud and Google cloud.” I found about three articles written in 2013. I am not… Jessica Wyma“>Read more »

  This is my first blog post, and I would like to take a moment to introduce myself. I started working at SoftFinity in July. I have very little experience in the IT world, and as with all new things, I am doing a lot of learning. For the time being, my blogs will be… Read more »

Our approach seeks to solve what we believe is the biggest hurdle in the software development process.  That is enabling all the people involved from programmers, to designers, to business people to communicate their individual visions effectively in order to produce a final product that encompasses the ingenuity of everyone involved in creating it.  The… Read more »

SEO might be the biggest reason people are afraid to take advantage of modern javascript frameworks. Google and other search engines cannot execute complex javascript when they crawl your website. Instead of your well-crafted website, Google will just see an empty page. What Google can’t see, it can’t index, so your site won’t be listed… Read more »

What is URL Routing? URL Routing means that you when click on a link, instead of being routed to another page, you stay on the same page and the content changes. When this happens, usually a “hash” will be appended to your current URL so that the user can go directly to the content they… Read more »

On one hand, each javascript framework has its unique advantages and it is reasonable to say that each one has its place in web development. On the other hand, these frameworks have a similar goal. They are all excellent frameworks and there will certainly be a place for each one as web apps continue to… Read more »

Ember as it is described by its creators is ambitious and opinionated. The goal of developing ember is simple; create a web framework that will enable web apps to rival native apps. To accomplish this, ember offers an end to end solution with all the features you need to create a single page web app… Read more »