Google introduced  the new interface for masses, called “search”. Simple entry box and simple “command line” like interface is the de-facto for today’s world.  If you need to find something – “google it”.  We are doing “googling” all the time.  That came with the price of million man hours of googlers to fine tune search… Recommender Systems“>Read more »

At SoftFinity we use unit testing to test the code we write.  In my humble opinion that should apply to unit testing for JavaScript code too.  Unit tests are a series of small functions that call the main functions of the original JavaScript code with different inputs and test to see if their outputs are… Unit testing and headless browsers“>Read more »

Our approach seeks to solve what we believe is the biggest hurdle in the software development process.  That is enabling all the people involved from programmers, to designers, to business people to communicate their individual visions effectively in order to produce a final product that encompasses the ingenuity of everyone involved in creating it.  The… Read more »

On one hand, each javascript framework has its unique advantages and it is reasonable to say that each one has its place in web development. On the other hand, these frameworks have a similar goal. They are all excellent frameworks and there will certainly be a place for each one as web apps continue to… Read more »

Ember as it is described by its creators is ambitious and opinionated. The goal of developing ember is simple; create a web framework that will enable web apps to rival native apps. To accomplish this, ember offers an end to end solution with all the features you need to create a single page web app… Read more »

Right now Backbone.js is probably the most popular as well as simplest of the modern javascript frameworks. As its name describes, it main goal is to give a nice MVC structure to your javascript code. Backbones goal is to clean up your code by organizing all your data and event handlers into javascript objects. This… Read more »

Angular.js is the first framework that officially calls itslef a framework as opposed to knockout and backbone which actually refer to themselves as libraries. Angular claims to be great even for small local applications, but it is probably better suited as a foundation to base a whole new project on. Angular seeks to combine a… Read more »

Welcome to the Javascript Framework revolution.  Since the release of JQuery in 2006, client-side javascript has entered a renaissance, and many developers have decided to shift much of the functionality of there applications to the client side, while using the server primarily to send and recieve data.  Shifting functionality to the client side enables the… Read more »

Knockout is the simplest of all the frameworks as well as one of the smallest. It does not claim to be able to solve all your problems, but it does claim to do a few useful things (see “features” below) and do it better than the alternatives. In the words of Knockout creator Steve Sanderson,… Read more »