Our approach seeks to solve what we believe is the biggest hurdle in the software development process. ┬áThat is enabling all the people involved from programmers, to designers, to business people to communicate their individual visions effectively in order to produce a final product that encompasses the ingenuity of everyone involved in creating it. ┬áThe… Read more »

SEO might be the biggest reason people are afraid to take advantage of modern javascript frameworks. Google and other search engines cannot execute complex javascript when they crawl your website. Instead of your well-crafted website, Google will just see an empty page. What Google can’t see, it can’t index, so your site won’t be listed… Read more »

Knockout.js released by Steve Sanderson in summer of 2010. Although Steve works for Microsoft the decision to release knockout.js as an open source project was right. It is a standalone javascript library relying on MVVM and Observable patterns. The key principles of knockout.js are: * a clear separation between domain data, view components and data… Read more »