Big data is high-volume, high-velocity and high-variety of information assets that demand cost-effective, and innovative forms of information processing for enhanced insight and decision making". -Gartner's definition.
We provide : "Cost-Effective, Innovative Forms of Information Processing": From the technology to store and process unstructured data, to link data of various types, origins and rates of change, and to perform comprehensive analysis you should expect cost-effective and appropriate answers. We do "big processing of any size of data - big or small."
We specialize in : "Enhanced Insight and Decision Making": A Business's value is trapped in the insights, and acting upon the insights is imperative. It is laborious and painful but necessary on the way to the Slope of Enlightenment. Our main goal is to help companies identify and formulate big data problems and help them grow their skills and experiences with big data technologies while these technologies evolve and mature.

What We Do

Web Applications

Outstanding single or multi-page web applications that rival the feel of native desktop or mobile applications and are enjoyable to use. Try our demos »

Web Design

Clean, impressive web pages that look great and impress your clients.

Cloud Computing

Distributed content over multiple processors for High Performance Computing and Big Data applications.


  • 300x200

    Dynamic Reporting

    Filter and visualize any data set in a variety of different graphing formats.

  • 300x200

    Dynamic Form Builder

    Generate fully functional forms with validation, and reporting.

  • 300x200

    Logistics Management

    Store your clients in a sortable, searchable and pageable table, and then map selected clients on a Google Map to get the optimized route from your starting point.

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